date: 02 Mar, 2021
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What a century it’s been! The past hundred years have given us the epitome of iconic fashion trends. As the decades have passed, clothing and accessory designs became bolder, braver and more controversial particularly by celebrities who dared to push the envelope. And it’s all thanks to a stylish evolution – colours got brighter and patterns got wilder, turning the fashion scene into one of art and expression. As the year 2020 wraps up, we want to take a glance back at the sunglasses of each decade and appreciate the looks that have brought us to where we are now.


Ahh the era of Gatsby and art deco. With feathers and gold shining light onto the glamorous decade, it’s no wonder it’s still a popular theme for parties and interior design today. 1920s sunnies were traditionally round and thin-framed.

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The 1930s were all about old Hollywood beauty. From gorgeous low-back gowns and cinched in waists with belts, the era made woman’s sunglasses trendier too with frames made from different materials.

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As the hourglass figure became more desired with clothing, patterns and colours became popular in both materials and accessories. Shades were a statement piece of their own in the 1940s with thicker frames and varied shapes.

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The rock n’ roll decade of the 50s is an iconic one for fashion. From polka dots and stripes to gloves and hats, women’s fashion was fun and youthful. Thicker, patterned frames could be found on many mid-century sunglasses too.

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Stepping away from traditionally feminine styles, the 60s introduced boho and hippie designs. Not only did the pant bottoms get wider, so too did the sunnies. Oversize sunglasses made their mark in this undeniably stylish era.

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Disco, baby! Evolving even more from the oversize sunglasses of the 60s came the bling-bling of the 70s. With a huge music scene, this decade was all about the glitz of stardom. Frames were embellished and often completed a stage costume.

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The 80s are known for neon clothes, perms and leg warmers. It was a rebellious decade for fashion and the same goes for its sunglasses. Oversize, wide and daring in colour, 80s sunglasses made a statement in films as well as day-to-day fashion.

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Boy bands and grunge came to fame in the 90s and so fashion pared back from the OTT 80s. Becoming more modern for its time, sunglasses were all about thin frames and mini lenses. It was all about being underrated and cool.

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As we welcomed the 21st century, we also welcomed diva fashion. While sequins and miniskirts were given the spotlight in magazines, sunglasses became rimless and all about the lenses.

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Flannels, animal print and denim were mainstream in 2010s, making sunglasses edgier in shape and colour. The era also embraced cat eye frames and a modern monochrome palette.

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Fashion has stretched the boundaries in 2020 more than ever. Taking influences from the past 100 years, nothing is off limits. Popular designs blend the classic looks of the earlier half of the century and the contemporary features of the years that followed. We can’t wait for what the rest of the 2020s have to bring!.

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March 02, 2021 — Natalie Milad
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